The Southern Muriqui Brazilian Atlantic Forest Project is a non-profit organization, registered in New York, receiving donations for projects that will help to sustain the Southern Muriqui monkey and the forest in which it lives. The key target area is the support of projects in the Carlos Botelho State Park because this contains a sustainable population of these monkeys.

Our Mission is to conserve the Southern Muriqui monkey and the remnants of Brazilian Atlantic Forest where it lives via
• scientific research
• environmental education
• information dissemination

We want to strengthen and consolidate natural resources via the protection of its habitat and help implement conservation strategies at federal, regional and local levels to improve the well-being of human populations.

The aim of the Southern Muriqui Brazilian Atlantic Forest Project is to raise funds to conserve this primate and its habitat, an aim that will also help to conserve the forest as a whole.

We want to fund ecological research by indigenous researchers. The most important research association, with a priority for funding, is Pro-Muriqui (, a research and conservation organization led by Dr Mauricio Talebi of the Federal University of Sao Paulo, who has worked continuously for 16 years in Carlos Botelho, both to research and protect the monkeys.